The Real Mountain Dew

When we hear the words mountain and dew together, the first image that comes to us moderners’ minds is usually the vibrant yellow-green beverage that is our dentist’s worst nightmare. As anything else, there is a history to where the phrase came from.

eww dew

As I have been spending my days wondering the Kentucky Appalachian hills, I have been stumbling upon some forgotten tidbits in American history. One of my favorite parts of these hills is bluegrass music. As I was listening one day, I heard a song by the Stanley brothers singing about Mountain Dew. I knew they couldn’t be loving on the green stuff that is rotting out the teeth of america’s youth today, so I did some digging.

It turns out they were singing about Moonshine. During the prohibition, many people started making their own liquor and selling it to family and friends in their areas. This home-made liquor is called moonshine and can be quite potent. Today, it is still lillegal to make your own liquor at home, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it; especially in the less regulated hills of the southeast.

It’s a funny thought that we make moonshine illegal. Why can’t people make a product that contains only natural ingredients of corn meal, rye, barley, and yeast? Most likely it is because this country has taxes on all of their liquor and they can’t get a cut out of the home made stuff. If they claim it is for health regulation issues, that argument would just be absurd as you can see the soda version of Mountain Dew has no nutritional value, probably contains very few if any natural ingredients, and judging by the mouths and teeth of it’s consumers, does nothing but harm our bodies.

(Right) Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton: badass moonshiner

If you make moonshine, or anything really, and you take pride and care in what you do, and make sure the true spirit of the product shows through and is consumed in a responsible, positive way, then you are an artist and I salute you. If you put energy into what you do with your days and work to make your community better and stronger, you are an artist and I applaud you.

now these are real men, making real things, for real people. Aahhh the real world is wonderful

I try not to consume types of products that are mass produced- from alcohol to soda to bread, peanut butter, syrup, honey, etc, etc, etc; the list can go on forever. I of course am not 100% perfect in this as nobody is, but I am working and getting better at finding local products and growing food, and trading with community members wherever I am. I find it to be easier and easier the more I practice it. So whether it is “legal” or not, my advise to you is to make decisions that are best for you, your community, and nature. We are in interesting times, and it’s best to remember the true history of products and brands and names and what that history means to us.

Go on and make some cool connections with your community today and let’s all work to be more than consumers.

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