What Should I Eat??? I Already Know…

It can be very confusing to choose when it comes to grocery shopping. Organic or not-organic; cheaper or more expensive; glass or plastic; local or from another country…and the list goes on and on. We consumers constantly find ourselves in an internal battle and sometimes way too heated debate with our own psyche over what to buy.

I for one have probably induced suspicion of insanity while having a five minute debate with myself over peanut butter…”Well this one is in glass and there’s a real big problem with the plastic in the world right now, but it has regular salt and I heard that sea salt was better for my health. But then I don’t really have enough money for the organic one, so can I get away with buying the regular peanut butter with sea salt…or would the one with just peanuts be better for my health? Are these GMO peanuts that are going to melt my brain and cause an instant onset of Alzheimer’s that will make me forget my whole family and be wondering the streets like a crack addict when I never even got to experience the high of real crack I just wanted to taste some peanut butter that brought me back to the simple days of being a child when your mom could pack you a pb&j and wasn’t trying to lace you with poison and kill you…or was she?…I need to call my mom…” and this could go on and on until I’m finally running out of the store, googling how to become breatharian and scheduling an appointment with the therapist I didn’t need until I tried to go grocery shopping.

The good news is we are way over-complicating things for ourselves and there is an easier way. It’s called listening to your body. We humans all have one thing in common, a body; it’s kind a prerequisite for being a human. While they don’t all look the same, or come in the same size, shape, color, etc, we all have one. And because they are all different, and nobody spends more time with their own body then themselves, everyone is the biggest expert on their very own body.

Over the years, I have been dedicating time to listening to my own body. This doesn’t have to get crazy where you start taking your body on dates or start buying your body all sorts of things- although this is already kind of happening… but anyways start small. Start with listening to bowl movements. This is an easy one. Digestion marks how hard our body is working and the more irregular our poo– the more work our body is doing. Pay attention to what foods make you gassy, what foods make your poo runny, what foods make you feel good, etc.

The whole point of food is to fuel the body. So, my rule of thumb is to try and put the simplest foods in my body- this means the least amount of ingredients possible, as fresh as possible, and personal preference on ones I can actually pronounce. I try and give my body things that will give me energy, not make me sleepy. This doesn’t mean caffeine. It means just feeding my body real foods that it agrees with.

So do your body a favor and start listening to it today. Just let it know you’re here and appreciate it and want to work with it. Your body will thank you and you will be on your way to an easier grocery shopping experience that can be fun as you rediscover foods that work for you, not against you.

**side note: I have family members that suffer from Alzheimers and drug addictions and my jokes on the matters are in no way making light of the issues. Both are some of the more serious diseases people around the world are suffering from now, and I hope we can get to the bottom of some of the causes and help ease people’s suffering. I also believe laughter is one of the best medicines 🙂

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