Come Together

Biking around Cleveland, Ohio, USA these past few days, I have been noticing how separated nature seems to be from most city-dwellers lives. Yes, you see the occasional tree-lined street, the random parks that have surprisingly few week-day visitors, and the water lining the coast-ways, seemingly abandoned except at sunsets.

Are we working too much to enjoy nature? It is estimated that Americans spend on average 70 out of their 79 years within buildings. If this is becoming the way of the world, why don’t we incorporate more of nature into our buildings? I would hope to see more architecture coming up with greater emphasis on this and city planning that has an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly forefront.

As imaginative citizens of the world, I believe we can pool together our talents and improve our cities. As seen in the video clip below, people from all backgrounds come together to improve a local urban garden which provides much needed greenery and healthy food options in a populated city. Lets take care of each other. Lets take care of our surroundings and live better lives.

Cleveland, OH: urban garden to cityscapes to local waterfront

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