Challenge Accepted

Today, I challenge you to do something outside of your comfort zone.  Why?  Because it’s fun duh.

Making myself uncomfortable is an interesting way I’ve been able to grow and learn things over the years.  Sometimes it can be as simple as not visiting the same coffee shop every. single. day. just because that’s what I’m “used to”.  Sometimes it’s as drastic as picking up and moving countries for a flip of scenery…either way, keeps me on my toes.

The excitement and butterflies that come with encountering something new is what keeps me coming back for more.  Like lots of people, I get bored when life starts to become predictable and then I want to shake things up.  Instead of going out and buying something that will create stress in my life when it becomes old clutter, I decided to seek out some adventure.

Insert rock climbing whooaaaa


I am fortunate to have the most amazingly talented friend who I trusted just enough not to kill me and show me the ropes…literally.  You all have friends like this…the crazy ones.  The ones with no fear, the ones who will make you do things you didn’t even know you wanted to do until you survive to tell about it.  Follow them, it’s an adventure!


First thing’s first…we still gotta eat.  Whats for lunch?  Organic sprouted bread, hummus, sauteed eggplant, onions, and spinach sammy’s and one organic nut butter and banana sammy to share.  At the time of this shot, I was way more excited about the food than the hike…waiting for coffee to set in and pump me up.

Side note: all of our organic food for the weekend cost about $20 a piece.  That’s bfast, lunch, din din and snacks for two whole days.  Not a shabby weekend expense.


I started my complaining on the way up when Darwin suffocated me with this rope strap-on concoction and had me hike 45min before we even started the climb.  Gotta love friends.  Realizing this was going to be a long day, I got my tude in check and decided to just suck it up and push on wheezing.


Now that’s a happy mountain goat.

It really wasn’t that cold but Darwin felt the second hat completely necessary for some reason.  He also scaled this bad boy with ease and didn’t even bother to put on climbing shoes so guess he can do what he wants…GOALZ


Somewhere along the way I found a lil friend.  These guys stick to the wall better than spider man.  There may actually be an ant man superhero now that I think about it…

You’ll have to excuse my bloody, ashy knee…I think I was trying to actually absorb into the rocks at some point #scaredrookie

At the end of the day, I made it up, made it down in almost one piece and despite some dark thoughts along the way, lived to tell about it.  Like most things I encounter in my life, the lead up is more intimidating than the actual event.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of choice words directed in Darwin’s direction for getting me on the side of a mountain, dangling by a rope, and continually advising me how “sketchy” some of the conditions were (greeeaatt choice of words); but the only thing to do during times of stress is to push on.

Darwin was awesome at reminding me that only I could get myself out of a situation up there.  No joke, sometimes I looked up and my climbing partner was gone…comforting.  When this happened, I had no choice but to climb up and find him.  Mirrors life and reminds me when I find myself in a difficult situation, I just gotta dig deep and pull myself out of it.

Trust yourself and dig deep today people  ❤

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