Curry With the Shot

I’ve heard people say they aren’t a fan of curry before, but I’ve never fed people who didn’t love the curry so I’m still skeptical that true haterz exist.

This recipe is so easy to make; just chop and throw everything in a pot.  It’s cheap, and real real good like.

I added a touch of red curry paste and red chili’s to this recipe for some extra kick- it’s amazing with the sweetness of the potatoes.


The raisins are an interesting twist on curry I haven’t used before.  They absorbed the juice and seasonings and actually plumped back up to grape like status….coooool.  Raisins are also surprisingly body beneficial and deliver all kinds of health goodness.


How does this soup help you??

  • curry powder: reduce inflammation, fight cancer, combat Alzheimer’s disease, increase bone regrowth, aid digestion, lower blood pressure, antibacterial
  • sea salt: help avoid dehydration and balance fluids, support respiratory health, promote sinus health, promote bone strength,  improve brain function, build immunity
  • coriander: treat skin disorders, lower cholesterol, treat diarrhea, regulate blood pressure, treat mouth ulcers, prevent anemia, anti-allergic properties, salmonella protection, improve bone health, aid digestion, prevent menstrual disorders, eye care, treat conjunctivitis, control diabetes
  • ginger: help treat nausea, fight fungal infections, protects against stomach ulcers, ease menstrual pains, inhibit cancer growth, regulate blood sugar, relieve joint and muscle pain, lower cholesterol levels, improve brain function, block bacterial infections, ease inflammation, promote proper digestion
  • turmeric: slow or prevent blood clots, reduce depression symptoms, fight inflammation, boost skin health, reduce pain, treat and may prevent certain cancers, reduce growth of fat cells, lower cholesterol, detoxify body
  • yellow ontion: lower blood pressure, lower heart attack risk, improves immunity, reduce cancer risk, aid digestion, regulate blood sugar
  • cashew milk: (I used cashew milk in this recipe because my roomie is “allergic” to coconut milk.  It turned out bomb) fight heart disease, prevent gallstones, help with weight loss, maintain bone health, prevent colon, prostate, and liver cancers, support healthy brain function, lower risk for diabetes, prevent migraine headaches, maintain healthy skin
  • sweet potatoes: stabilize blood sugar, high in antioxidants, boost brain function, enhance immunity, promote vision health, aid in weight loss
  • scallions: aid in weight loss, reduce blood clotting, boost immunity, enhance heart health, improve bone health, block cancer growth
  • raisins: relieve constipation, promote healthy weight gain, treat erectile dysfunction (something for everyone), boost digestive health, prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, protect against cavities, treat anemia, cure fever, protect eyes from damage, promote bone health, reduce arthritis pain, treat insomnia, increase nutrient uptake, reduce diarrhea, improve skin and hair
  • quinoa: aid in weight loss, help fight cancer, support healthy heart, disease-fighting, keep gut healthy, support bone health, reduce diabetes risk
  • limes: improve heart health, fight cancer, enhance weight loss, boost immunity, kidney stone prevention, increase iron absorption

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