What the ORGANICS??

Organic food is not just for the hippy dippy.  This should be the standard for what we as people ingest, but currently the opposite seems to be true.  So many people are eating food that is causing them all kinds of illnesses and side effects (our food has side effects just like medications) phhaaaaa.  This is how I can list out what food does to your body when I post recipes…everything does something.

Part of my plan for staying out of the doctors offices is watching what I put in and on my body.  These things absorb everything, so why not try and give them the good stuff.  Organic food is something that is in its purest form possible.  If we ingest clean and pure things, we ourselves will be clean and pure.  Just sounds nice doesn’t it?

My body’s evaluation of organic foods….yeas more please.  It just feels good.  I like looking and feeling strong, fit, and healthy.  And I like eating.  Combine those things and do it in a way that actually enhances the quality of everyone’s life… BAM that’s where organics comes in.


Just look at that avocado

It’s beautiful.  Tear

What I have been learning from buying organic:

  1. Food usually comes in smaller packages- take the avocado pictured above for example: it is the size of a spoon!, and it tastes delicious.  Bigger isn’t really better
  2. It’s ok for food to be bruised- gives it character and the “ugly” ones still taste great
  3. Organic is not the same as non-GMO.  If something is certified organic it is also non-GMO but not the other way around.  For example, you can buy a non-GMO food that is not from organic seed or soil and still has pesticides used on it.  Soooo basically just buy organic
  4. Organic food is not that expensive- I’m saving money on my weekly grocery bill by just buying what’s in season and organic no matter what store I’m at.  Sticking to this is eliminating a lot of unnecessary excess grocery purchases and making my time spent in the store a lot shorter too because I have less items to sort through.  Yaaayyy not spending my life grocery shopping
  5. If it doesn’t say certified organic, it probably isn’t.  People are going to advertise what they got to offer
  6. Buying organic and local helps me try new things and have new experiences

You can make anything taste good. so don’t be afraid to experiment a little when changing your diet.  Remember spice fo life and give flava to your food ❤

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