Why Soup?

Over the past five years I have been on a journey of self-health discovery.  Why?  Mostly because I wanted to look and feel better than I did.

I didn’t like the fact that some Dr. Dude told me one day I had endometriosis that came with painful symptoms and couldn’t be explained.  Or that so many friends of mine had the same diagnosis- and the only answer is surgery or birth control pills or hormone injections Paris Hilton couldn’t afford…what kind of options are those??  I was a practicing dental hygienist for five years and I found that almost every single patient I saw was on some kind of medication for some diagnosis.  Throughout the time I was doing the profession, it only seemed to be getting worse.

Why are you sick?  Why do you need medication?  Are there other options?  What choices are you making in your life to cause these problems?

That last question took some time to get around to.  Am I possibly to blame for my own problems??  What the shit?  No.  Meeee???

Well turns out; yeeeaaa, it’s kinda me.  Damn

So, I cut the BS and decided to start cleaning up my act.  Well, this is damn harder than I thought.  No more fast food, ok.  No more junk food and soda, fine.  I went from cutting out fast food, to cutting out all processed food, to cutting out meat all together and then incorporating some back in; went from paleo to vegan to somewhere in between.  I looked up all kinds of indigenous diets, research for this, for that, from Dr. Knowitall and Suzie Idontknowwhatyouaresaying.  It’s amazing the amount of shi I had to go through to get a straight answer on what is healthy and what is not, what is going to give you cancer and slowly degrade your body until you are either dead or wish you were, or what’s going to keep you alive until your 98.

To be honest, I still don’t have a black and white answer to give.  But, what I can tell you is what I did; and what works.  From my experience to your front door.  Welcs

Now, this brings us to the soup.  I won’t spend your whole day divulging my entire life story in this fist post; much time for that later.  I will tell you that I have tried A LOT of recipes and nutrition tricks to get my beloved food to taste good and be something I enjoyed as much my southern Carolina BBQ sauce slathered pork on a bun with cole slaw and fried okra mmmmmmmm.  Damn, that makes me hungry.  Ok, so back to the soup; basically soup is a quick, easy, inexpensive, extremely healthy, interesting, diverse, delish and epic way to get all of your nutrients in and please and fill however many people you need.  Any time of day, any time of year.  You can make it as spicy and flavorful as you like.  You can add to or subtract ingredients and still have a bomb dish.  This is were the diversity comes in.

I like doing other things in my day than cooking, so here we go.  I’m going to start with two soups this week.  I’ll share nutrition info as far as what the food does for your body, but not calories because I’m not a calorie counter, ain’t got no time for that mess.  Also, I’ll give you an idea of how much each soup costs to make just because I love ya.

May we be healthier, happier, and freer (if that’s a word) to do whatever we want.

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